About Us

Our philosophy is to cultivate character, virtue, and teamwork in every student who walks through our door.  We fulfill this commitment with community outreach efforts. Dancing at Diamond Dance LI is about being exceptional, both on the dance floor and off! 

Professional Instruction

All of our instructors are experienced dancers, trained in developing great dancers and great people. Our staff have performed professionally on Broadway, in commercials and films and have received university accredited BA, BFA and MFA degrees in Dance. 

We are a More Than Just Great Dance studio

As part of worldwide network of more than 115 studios and 35,000 students, we provide leadership training, quality programs, and curricula to affiliate studios. Being part of such an extended network allows us to help our students achieve their goals.

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The Facets of Diamond Dance Academy

Our Mission


At Diamond Dance Academy, our mission is to build our students' confidence, character, artistry and dance skills through exceptional dance education in a caring and nurturing environment. We fulfill our mission by a commitment to our students, our classes, and our faculty.

Our Students


We are committed to building GREAT DANCERS. Whether dancing at a recreational or competitive level, we work to help each student dance to their fullest potential, while developing an appreciation for the arts. We encourage our students to DREAM BIG, to learn that success comes with passion, self-discipline and hard work. We believe that building great dancers is not simply about teaching great dance. It's also about cultivating character, virtue and teamwork in every student who walks through our door. We teach these great qualities within the dance room and fulfill this commitment with community outreach efforts.

Our Culture


 We are a personal studio. Our staff personally knows all of our students and parents.  All classes are taught in a rewarding and positive environment.